The mission of the Second Baptist Church of Bethlehem, PA. is “Serving God by serving the people of God, preparing saints for Kingdom living now.”

We believe that serving God by serving the people of God is a process ministering to the whole man.  To this end we seek to go into all the world and preach, through our living, the word of God to every one.  We believe the preaching of God’s word through our living to be paramount to the saving of souls. We seek to go beyond the confounds of the current congregation to take the saving word of Jesus to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Uttermost parts of the world.  This will be accomplished through teaching and ministering to the faithful within the house (Jerusalem), then our immediate neighborhood (Judea), the the span beyond that (Samaria) and ultimately to all with who we come in contact (Uttermost).

Thus we commit our faith in Christ to the faithful, who will commit it to the faithful creating the multiplied inheritance of God’s word.  It is our purpose to do all in the name of Jesus; to bring glory and honor and majesty to Him in every word, thought and deed.  It is our quest to live as unto the Lord each and every day in each and every circumstance.  We will seek those who are best equipped by God to work in our leadership roles.

The presence or manifestation of the Holy Spirit is most important to a leader.  We seek those who are willing to be committed and submitted to and under the authority of God to be used to execute the authority of God.  We seek those willing to be under control and not in control and further acknowledge that all authority comes from God.

Second Baptist Church of PA