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Edward A. Thompson, Senior Pastor

Pastor Thompson earned a B.S. degree in Business Education/Accounting at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA in 1971. In May 1985, he graduate from Philadelphia Biblical University Evening School with highest honors. Pastor Fred Davis of the Greater Shiloh Church, Easton, PA ordained Pastor Thompson on November 14, 1985, where he continued as Associate Minister at the then Shiloh Baptist Church until his calling to Pastor Second Baptist Church, Bethlehem, PA. Pastor Thompson was installed as Pastor on Sunday, April 23, 1989. Pastor Thompson is anointed of God, a gifted teacher, and is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His simplistic, yet powerful teaching, will touch your heart; bless your soul, enlighten your mind, and strengthen your spirit.  Having a visionary mission, Pastor Thompson relentlessly teaches and feeds the Word of God to the Body of Christ, praying continually and persistently for healing, deliverance, and restoration—without scares.

He nurtures individuals, encourages those in need of guidance, and through the Word, fasting and prayer, yolks have been broken and souls have been saved—for the Glory of God. Pastor Thompson's goal in ministry is to remain clay in the hands of the "Potter" in order to be refined, molded and crafted by the Master Refiner. He is especially committed to young people and has always been active in civic and community organizations.

He served as treasurer to Shiloh Manor Senior Citizen housing facility for more than eight years; four years as Treasurer for the Easton Branch NAACP, and continues as a member and supporter of the local branches. Pastor Thompson shares the adventure of marriage with his wife and helpmeet Lady June A. Thompson of forty-one years.  He is an awesome and dedicated Father to Alyshia Monae and David-Aaron and Grandfather to Cyrus Zechariah, Israel Nachon, Darianna and James.