Our Pastor

Pastor Paul Patrick

Pastor Paul Patrick is the Pastor of “Second Baptist Church” and the Founder of “Redemption House.” His sincere commitment is to enhance the Kingdom of God on earth and give his attention and loyalty to Second Baptist Church, the community, and those who are lost without Christ in their lives.

Pastor Paul grew up in a large family. Being the second to youngest child, he was deprived of many things in life that his peers possessed, which led him to turn to the streets and live a life of selling drugs to eventually become addicted himself. This life in the fast lane ultimately led to him serving 17 years within the U.S. Correctional System. During this time, he became a father to a beautiful baby girl named Natay, who began to pray for a change in his life throughout her teenage years.

Natay’s prayers were heard, because a change began in Pastor Paul and he went from the “Pit to the Pulpit.” His last arrest landed him in jail and because his drug addiction was so bad, he began to have a seizure. He was then rushed to the nearest hospital, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The doctors tried as hard as they could to help, but eventually gave up. God then stepped in and sent in two nurses to pray for him. Once Pastor Paul came back to life, the two nurses led him to the Lord right there at his bedside.

Paul then joined the Brooklyn Teen Challenge program in 2000. He graduated and went on to the Rehresburg Teen Challenge and graduated in 2001. This was not the end for Pastor Paul as he received a full-ride scholarship to attend the Youth Challenge International Bible Institute in 2004. He graduated at the top of his class making Valedictorian. Paul then went on to continue his studies at United Christian College, where he obtained his Bachelors in Religious Education and his Bachelors in Theology. Pastor Paul graduated at the top of his class making Valedictorian once again! In his last Semester of College, he married his lovely wife Tara Patrick and through this union he had two more daughters Valencia & Vaniya.

In October 2010, Pastor Paul started his own church, Christ Centered Life Ministries. Since then, it has grown tremendously. Led by God in the decision to lead another church, Pastor Paul Patrick is currently the Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church. Pastor Paul is currently in his second year of pastoring Second Baptist.

Our Pastor

Pastor Tara Patrick

Pastor Tara Patrick is the beloved First Lady and Pastor over Ministries at Second Baptist Church of Bethlehem, PA. She works diligently in dedication and service to the Lord with her husband Pastor Paul Patrick. As Pastor over Ministries, she oversees the flow and growth of the ministries of the church vision by developing new programs and providing leadership to the staff.

In 2008, Pastor Tara Patrick received her Bachelors in Religious Education from the United Christian College in New York, NY and was ordained in the year 2010 along side her husband. Pastor Tara is committed to the prosperity of God’s Kingdom, which are souls giving their lives to the Lord. Her joys in ministry are the various youth ministries and its success of touching lives at her church. Pastor Tara takes the greatest joys in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, her role as a wife, and mother of her two children: Valencia & Vaniya.

Our Former Pastor

Pastor Edward A. Thompson

Pastor Thompson earned a B.S. degree in Business Education/Accounting at Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA in 1971. In May 1985, he graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University Evening School with highest honors. Pastor Fred Davis of the Greater Shiloh Church, Easton, PA ordained Pastor Thompson on November 14, 1985, where he continued as Associate Minister at the then Shiloh Baptist Church until his calling to Pastor Second Baptist Church, Bethlehem, PA. Pastor Thompson was installed as Pastor on Sunday, April 23, 1989.

Pastor Thompson is anointed of God, a gifted teacher, and is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His simplistic, yet powerful teaching, touched your heart; blessed your soul, enlightened your mind, and strengthened your spirit. 

Having had a visionary mission, Pastor Thompson relentlessly taught and fed the Word of God to the Body of Christ, prayed continually and persistently for healing, deliverance, and restoration—without scares.
He nurtured individuals, encouraged those in need of guidance, and through the Word, fasting and prayer, yolks have been broken and souls have been saved—for the Glory of God. Pastor Thompson’s goal in ministry was to remain clay in the hands of the “Potter” in order to be refined, molded and crafted by the Master Refiner. He was especially committed to young people and had always been active in civic and community organizations.

He served as treasurer to Shiloh Manor Senior Citizen housing facility for more than eight years; four years as Treasurer for the Easton Branch NAACP, and continued as a member and supporter of the local branches. Pastor Thompson shared the adventure of marriage with his wife and helpmeet Lady June A. Thompson of forty-one years.  He was an awesome and dedicated Father to Alyshia Monae and David-Aaron and Grandfather to Cyrus Zechariah, Israel Nachon, Darianna and James.

Second Baptist Church of PA